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I'm almost off to Edinburgh. I think I won't be online till the 8th of January.

Merry Christmas an happy New Year to you, my dear friends!

OUAT winter finale

The worst thing in watching 11th ep to me was the suffocating feeling I had as if this ep was the actual end of the show.
It all felt as if [Spoiler (click to open)]Rumple's death, Emma and Henry having a happy life together, fairytale characters going back to Enchanted Forest HAS ALWAYS MEANT to be the end of the show.
It made me cry even more violently than [Spoiler (click to open)]Rumple's death and grieving Belle being forgotten by everyone did.
I just needed to say this.
It frightens me that it was completely OK for me to think that the creators could do such a cruel thing to the show and to the characters they created and developed, to think (even for a single moment!) that the whole story could be a mockery from the very beginning.
I can't help it. I'm so ashamed of it and so sad about it, but I'm also glad that I'm not alone in having such a feeling.



1. We are playing Secret Santa at work again. Oh, how I hoped to skip it because of my vacation! But no, they decided to play the game earlier this time. Not that I don’t like the game… I do like it. Truly I do. But I do not like to do anything in haste. Especially to choose Christmas gifts for good people. I just don’t have time to visit a dozen of shops, so I had to buy all the gifts in one place. I hope I made the right (or at least bearable) choice and I won’t be ashamed of it later. I know that some girls see a personal offence in kitchenware for their Christmas presents. But given the theme of the gifts (equipment) and the agreed budget, kitchenware was my first and only thought! And she (the person I’m supposed to give gifts to) is decorating her kitchen now, by the way. So maybe it’s not a wrong choice at all.
Well, there's no use to cry over spilt milk. Let’s play and see what will come out of it. At least I haven’t drawn “space” or “medicine” as a theme of my set of gifts. THAT could be a real problem!

2. I wish I had started reading “In Search of Scotland” by Henry V. Morton a bit earlier. The book is so enticing that I want to read it from cover to cover (and some of his other books about Scotland and England too) but unfortunately I have time only to read a couple of chapters related to places I’m going to visit. The book is mesmerizing. It’s nothing compared to modern guide books written in dry language. It’s an elegant and vivid travel story woven from author’s ramblings and feelings rather than random facts and advice on what to do and see in Scotland. An old legend here, a piece of Scottish history there, all peppered with good humour - that’s what makes me totally engrossed in Mr. Morton’s writing.

Dec. 7th, 2013

I've just booked tickets to Richard II at Barbican.
It is a great surprise, because I thought it was sold out.
I'll see David Tennant on stage! *beams*


Dec. 5th, 2013

I usually avoid spoilers about shows I watch. I deliberately do not read any spoilery news during hiatuses or any interviews with the creators and the main cast. There are exceptions, of course (lots of, to be honest). I’m not paranoid about spoilers. I never blame anybody for not using a cut tag where it is needed, because it’s all about my decision not to look at some stuff and not about someone else’s desire to post something. But sometimes my spoiler policy backfires on me mercilessly. Thus I missed the announcement of the airing dates of Sherlock (not a problem, actually). But what is more, I missed sad news about cancellation of Whitechapel. I loved the first season, I liked the second, I was a little bit disappointed in the 3rd and the 4th seasons, but I still love the characters. The creators introduced some intriguing plot devices in the last season and promised a complex mystery which would bind the events of all the previous seasons together. It was tremendously fascinating to find out that there was a reason for everything that had happened before; that the place and the crimes had not been picked up randomly. Who’s planned everything? What’s the purpose of it? Is there an invisible force that rules this world? Can future disasters be prevented? And now they announce that there will be no answers. Devastating news.

Shit. It’s been announced that Ripper Street has been cancelled too.
I don’t have any polite words to explain what I’m feeling right now.


1st of December

It’s the first day of winter today.
I have a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 in my cupboard and I’m going to cook trout for dinner.

Cheers, everyone!
Have a great winter!

Nov. 30th, 2013

I’m reading The Shining by Stephen King now. It’s embarrassing to admit but I haven’t read any other of his works so far. I don’t count the story which a film with Johnny Depp was based on, because the only thing I remember about it is Johnny Depp holding a shovel. And that the main character was a writer. *shame on me and on my memory*

Coming back to The Shining, I have a feeling that horror stories affect me more when I watch them than when I read them, though I’ve never complained about having poor imagination, quite the opposite.
Maybe it’s just the story being not as scary as I expected… No doubts that anticipation of all those horrible things that are about to happen to Danny and Wendy is intense and frightening but…well, the story IS scary to me but not because of its paranormal stuff. Not at all. For me it’s just a story of a drunkard going nuts and THAT frightens me to death. No matter what caused Jack’s state of mind – the hotel with a mind of its own or some rational reasons if there can be any to drive somebody insane – but the result is tangible, real and that scares me out of my senses. Because it can happen to anybody.
I still have less than 10 chapters to go, and I hope Jack will gather the remnants of his humanity and do the right thing to save the lives of his son and wife. He HAS to, otherwise I have no faith in people any more. *fingers crossed*

I assume this will be the last book I read this year, because it’s high time to surround myself with tour-guides and finally get down to planning my itinerary in details. Time’s running mercilessly fast. I have less than 3 weeks to get ready for my Christmas vacation in London and Scotland.

No, I was wrong. There is another book I probably will read by the end of the year - Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Coriolanus. I must be well prepared for the play. *LOL*

A rehearsal photo of Mark Gatiss and Tom Hiddleston for inspiration.


This week's shows - spoilery

Sleepy Hollow
I watch it just for fun and I’m glad I’m not invested in it emotionally . Well, okay, I admit that Crane is luuuuv, an ideal gentleman and it’s a pleasure to look at him, but the rest of the show sometimes blows my mind. I love flashbacks to 1700s, I like how the authors play with history and mythology (more or less), but [Spoiler (click to open)]the Horseman of the Apocalypse being Crane’s former rival for Katrina’s hand was a bit too much for me. *laughs* I don’t think that the idea of the Horseman as some sort of a position granted to any willing soul is a bad idea in general. But in this show the Horseman’s background reveal makes the matter too much personal to be a real threat to the humanity. At least so far. But we’ll see.

Official photos and trailers are hilarious. I like that spot of hearty humour here. They can’t take their work too seriously (given the plot bordering on insanity) and it’s good to see they don’t!

sleepy hollow

Ripper street
The spark of love that seemed to ignite between Reid and Jane was choked off by Reid’s current marital status. That’s great. It would’ve been lousy if they had introduced the third love-line with Reid after eliminating his wife and his lover from the main plot. I admit that there must have been quite a long time gap between the events of the first and the second seasons. Drake had enough time to marry Bella, after all, so Reid’s relationship with Ms Goren could have simply died out. That’s the way how this show is created, and the viewer is supposed to be a fly on the wall, so no background, no flashbacks and no explanations unless characters want to share some information about the past with each other. And to be honest, I love it.

So all is well and I’m just being peevish. Bad weather, lack of sleep, lack of OUAT this week. :-)


Can’t make myself watch The Curtain, Poirot’s last case. Just can’t make my peace with the thought that the series which seemed to be eternal now has an ending and the symbol of the century is nothing but a mortal man after all. I’ve been watching it for almost 20 years, it feels like losing one of your friends. Maybe it’s better not to watch it at all.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Hollow turned out to be a nice thing. I’ve seen 5 eps so far and certainly intent to continue watching it. I hope they won’t change Ichabod’s outfit too soon, he’s awesome in his 250-year-old clothes. ))


Just watched 3 episodes of Ripper Street (2nd season). It’s good they filmed it so soon. I was dying to see all the characters again and specifically the outcome of Reid’s complex relationship with his wife and Ms. Goren. Read more...Collapse )


OUAT Season 3 eps 1-6

Wow, what a start of the new season!

I have some regrets about Greg and Tamara dying so quickly. I mean I didn’t like their appearance in the 2nd season at all, but to kill the Great Menace of the 2nd season in the 1st episode of the 3rd season - that’s a bit of a flaw in their subplot. Looks like they were needed only to transport Henry to Neverland and to show some horrid traits of Peter’s character. Not needed in fact, because Peter gives the right feeling about himself on his first appearance on the screen (all right, on his second appearance, I was surprised when that boy in the jungle, who helped Henry to hide from the band of Lost boys, turned out to be HIM). I genuinely admire the actor who’s playing Peter’s part, he looks creepy and his acting is great. And I think I love Peter as the villain in the season. He’s not a hysterical fellow who tries to ruin the others just for fun or for revenge, but he’s a guy with a point who wants to pass it to the world, to make the world dance to his pipe. The Piper as he is. Very strong character for a baddie, I like it. In this context he is quite similar to Rumple in the very beginning of the show – The Puppet Master, The Man that Planned Everything – before I started to learn more and more from his past and finally saw him in quite a different light. But I’m sure there is something in Peter’s past that made him what he is now. And maybe my perception of him will change too at some point of the show.
So far I like mostly everything in the first 6 episodes (excluding the infuriating lack of Rumbelle) and I’m dying to see the rest!

Speaking of Rumple, I can’t get used to his new look. Scales, please come back! )))

Read more...Collapse )


Well then, it's about time I watched OUAT brand new season.
I do have some expectations about the upcoming journey to Neverland, land with no future, where all you have is just your past and your fears. It is very promising, because characters can face their demons, reflect on their life experience and finally catch the right point about all mistakes they did. But will they? Will they find their peace?
I’m specifically worried about “evil” characters, about the way the creators probably prepared for them to find their happy endings. Will there be endings literally speaking, will someone die happily by sacrificing oneself to save the others and by that earning a “redeemed character” brand? Or will they get chance to really change and to live a long happy life afterwards? Let’s see.
So, I’m off to watch what OUAT has brought so far.


Nov. 5th, 2013

Oh, my... I'm back. I have a lot to catch up with, including my friends' journals here, my new and forgotten tmblr, not to mention a bundle of new episodes of OUAT, Ripper Street and some other TV-series I was recommended to watch.
Time's flying too fast. :( Oh, how much I envy (admiringly, of course) those people who can effectively manage their time and do a hell of things during a busy day. I can't say I have many items on my usual to-do-list but I rarely have time to do anything above my mundane affairs. :( But off with my bad mood, soon my life will speed up even more, because Christmas is coming and...London, Edinburgh and Glasgow are waiting for me )))
I can't wait to see Oxford Street and Regent Street beautifully decorated for Christmas and New Year. And who knows, maybe there will be a bit of _real_ snow...somewhere... :)

Regent Street

Sales, sales, Coriolanus, of course. Perhaps, The Hobbit at BFI IMAX. Maybe, a short trip to Birmingham...and Cardiff. I have a strong feeling that this time my itinerary in London will be a bit more broad than it was last year. Yes, "a bit" - what a brilliant definition to the immensity of my constantly growing plans!
Now who's been complaining about being unable to fulfil lots of plans in an impossibly short period of time? Me? Oh, my... :)


I'm really lucky to have my tickets for Coriolanus with Mark Gatiss and Tom Hiddleston at Donmar.
They say it was sold out in just about 30 minutes.


Jun. 16th, 2013

Well, it’s been a while.
I’ve had my birthday recently. A quiet one, no celebrations, no presents. The older you get, the less fun this day brings to you. Though it’s a bit foolish of me to think about “old” at my age, I really feel like I’ve been living for a century. No, it doesn’t mean that I feel like I have wisdom of 2 generations, on the contrary… I’m just as tired as a 90-year-old lady after a visit to the neighbouring village on a market day. It’s not surprising with my enormous sleep debt and unpredictable working schedule with all the overtimes and sudden urgent tasks from my boss on Saturdays and Sundays. I worked the previous week-end, I'm working now and there is a great possibility that I'll work the next week-end. Damn.

I’ve received my first Postcrossing postcards. The very first came from the Ukraine. Cards from Taiwan and Czech Republic made me really happy by giving me exact feelings I thought I would have while participating in this activity. Unfortunately, the last one (not even a postcard in usual sense!) utterly disappointed me. I haven’t foreseen that there can be people who doesn’t take it seriously and simply send rubbish. But I really liked the stamp.
Isn’t it beautiful?
So, now I know how to post a picture there. Hurray! ))

Seems like I’m getting to love stamps. I’ve always been a magpie with strong fondness for cute bright little things but I’ve never considered stamps to be a point of interest. I’ll do my best not to take up collecting stamps, I promise. I already have more than enough useless stuff at home)))