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My name is Aurelia.

Shows I'm watching now: Sherlock, Ripper Street, OUAT, Sleepy Hollow.
I'm a fic-reader, not a fic-writer.

There's nothing terribly interesting about me. I'm an ordinary person living an ordinary life, excluding those brief but frequent moments I decide to turn into a fairytale.
Quite harmless, mostly human, slightly airy-fairy and generally friendly.

My posts are mostly about my day-to-day life and my current interests (TV-shows mainly, sometimes books and travelling). I don't really expect my friends to comment here on regular basis, but if you want to say something, please do not hesitate to do so. I enjoy conversations.

I usually don't post much. If my ramblings don't bore you to death, please, feel free to add me to your friends page. Friends are always welcome! :-)

Social capital

  • less than 10